Theme-Based Magnetic Bookmarks for Kids

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Make reading a joyous adventure for your little ones with our captivating Magnetic Bookmarks for kids! Crafted from sturdy, tear-resistant paper, these vibrant bookmarks come in six delightful colors, each featuring a fun theme and a child-friendly quote. As they dive into their favorite books, these magnetic bookmarks bring beloved characters to life, creating a magical learning experience. Give the gift of curiosity and imagination with our specially designed Magnetic Bookmarks, making reading an exciting journey for your children!

4-Years & Up

Theme-based: The bookmarks are designed on 6 different themes related to the children’s world. The 6 themes are 1. Nature, 2. Space, 3. Animals, 4. Myself, 5. My Home, 6. Birds
Child-friendly quotes/sentences:The quotes are written keeping in mind children and their world. The quotes are easy to read and understandable for young kids.
Tear-resistant & Water Proof:These are made up of non-tearable paper, so are tear-resistant and are also waterproof. Thus, these can be used by kids for a long time.
Size:The size of the folded bookmark is-Length 10 cm, Width 5 cm (10 x 5 cm). The size allows carrying these anywhere and anytime.
Placement of Magnet:The magnets are placed on the inner side of both the flaps along the width, so the bookmarks while in use remain in place and do not go inside the book/page or fall off.

Useful and Timeless:There are various uses of bookmarks-Remembering a particular page of the book, avoiding creasing the pages, quotes always boost confidence and motivation, colors give a pleasing experience and give a beautiful look to the book in use.
Ideal for:All children who love books and are school-going.
Good gift choice:Kids love gifts and surprises. It can be given as a gift on any occasion or just as a surprise gift or during children’s play dates.

6 magnetic bookmarks

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