Solar System Activity Box for Kids


Make the Sun, the Planets, and the Solar System concepts easier and more engaging for young children with Early8Years’s ‘Our Sun Our Planets’ box which is designed for providing an activity-based learning experience to children. Children love to touch, see, manipulate objects, explore, and experiment. This box helps children to enjoy and participate in the learning process. It helps in the development of cognitive abilities such as identification, matching, naming, and visualizing, along with the enhancement of skills of analysis and creativity. This box is a perfect educational and learning material gift for kids anytime.

5-10 Years

Concept Learning Made Easy And Interesting: Age and developmentally-appropriate learning material to learn about the Sun, the Planets, and the Solar System in an engaging and fun-filled way.
Make, Draw, Do & Read: It helps the child to learn about the Sun and the Planets with respect to their relative sizes and qualities. It also helps her/him to engage in naming, matching, and solving the grid activity. Also, the child can read about them through reading cards. She/he can visualize a solar system by coloring galaxy on a large sheet of paper and placing the planets, the Sun, and designing orbits. Also, conduct role-plays for enhancement of comprehension & speaking skills.
Learning Outcomes/skills: Development of a holistic view of the Solar System and skills of identification, naming, matching, visualizing, speaking, and reading.
Designed By Early Learning Experts: ‘Young children learn from concrete to abstract and from simple to complex’. Based on this principle of learning, the box is thoughtfully designed by early learning experts. Hence, parents can easily choose this for their children so that they attain a holistic view of the concept.

8 relative size planets, 1 Sun, 10 reading cards, 9 name cards, 9 alphabet cards, 1 activity grid, 1 large sheet of paper, double-sided tape, and 2 colored pencils made from recycled newspaper.

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