Reading Time-Poster


Make learning to tell time a breeze with our interactive and engaging “Reading Time” poster for kids! Designed to teach kids how to read time in a fun and simple way, this poster features colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand examples. From “quarter past seven” to “half-past two” and “ten minutes to nine,” your child will learn how to interpret and express different time expressions confidently.
Hang this poster in their room or study area as a handy reference tool. Watch as they master the skill of telling time independently, boosting their confidence and time-management skills.
Made with durable materials, this poster is built to withstand everyday use. It’s an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, providing a valuable educational resource that will last.
Help your child become a time-telling pro with our “Reading Time” poster. Order now and unlock the world of time with fun and simplicity!

4-10 Years

Both sides laminated
Thick Paper
Waterproof and tear-resistant
Self-adhesive (Sticker on both sides at the back)
Bright and colorful
Easy-to-read, clear font
Meets early education needs

1 Reading Time-Poster

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