Map of India Calendar-6 Concepts in 1

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Introducing the India Kids Calendar, an educational tool designed to make learning about India exciting and easy for children. This beautifully designed 6-in-1 map features states and capitals, union territories, neighbouring countries, iconic monuments, languages, and classical/folk dances. Hang it on the wall for quick reference and watch as your child’s knowledge of India blossoms. Unlock the wonders of India and ignite your child’s curiosity with this engaging calendar.

3-10 Years

States and Capitals: Discover India’s diverse states and their capitals. From Assam to Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu to Punjab, your child will get to know everything in an interesting way.!

Union Territories: Unveil the unique characteristics of India’s Union Territories. Explore Delhi, Puducherry, and more as your child learns about their significance.

Neighbouring Countries: Take a journey beyond borders! Learn about the countries that share borders with India, from Nepal’s mountains to Sri Lanka’s beaches.

Monuments: Marvel at India’s iconic monuments, like the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort. Each month showcases a stunning landmark, sparking curiosity and appreciation.

Languages: Embrace India’s linguistic diversity. Explore different languages spoken across the country and pick up interesting phrases and words along the way.

Classical and Folk Dances: Dance to the beats of India! Discover the rich traditions of classical and folk dances, from Bharatanatyam to Bhangra.

12 x18 inches (30 cm x 45 cm), multicoloured, 3-sheet (back-to-back-total 6) map calendar with a hook to hang on the wall.Bonus-2 coloured pencils made from recycled material. The calendar is sent to you in a corrugated box as it is. It is NOT ROLLED to avoid creases.
Kids learn through observation and participation, thus the content presented to them must be systematic and simplified. Keeping this in view, this calendar has been designed to make initial map understanding easy, attractive, and engaging for young kids. It reinforces map learning through visuals, observation, and participation.

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