Hindi Varnmala Chart Poster Calendar for Kids

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4 pages Hindi Varnmala wall calendar for kids is a unique calendar that aims to solve the problems of kids related to understanding Svar (Vowels) and Vvyanjan (Consonants) and making words with them. Now, setting a base for Hindi language learning has become easy with this calendar. Once a base is formed, reading and writing in Hindi becomes absolutely flawless.
The concepts are arranged in a sequential manner for kids to learn from simple to complex. The first page gives a complete Hindi Varnmala with images. The second and third pages show different Svar with one Vyanjan and the last page shows different words made from different Svars and Vyanjans. It is a great learning resource for kids.

3-8 Years

4 pages Hindi Varnmala calendar with two colored pencils.
Features: Made up of 300 GSM quality thick paper, laminated for durability, waterproof and tear-resistant.
Vibrant Colours and Images:Delightful and bright colors grip your kid’s attention and the images are close to real-life images which helps them connect between learning and real-world experiences.
Size:18 x 12 Inches/45 x 30 cm which is a quite suitable size for kids if they want to hold it in hand and you want to teach them anywhere.
Uses:A good gift for children for putting in their room/classroom as they learn by observation and visual stimulation. This calendar helps in early concept formation in Hindi, provides opportunities for engaging in the learning process, and makes learning fun and interesting.
Flat ship and easy to use:We send it in a flat sturdy box and do not roll it to avoid creases. It comes with a hook to hang anywhere.

1 Hindi Calendar, Bonus-2 colored pencils made from recycled material.

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