Gratitude Board for Kids

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Introducing our delightful Gratitude Board for Kids with 500 Stickers! This interactive and engaging product is designed to inspire children to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and appreciate the positivity in their lives.
Our gratitude board is thoughtfully crafted to captivate young minds and encourage the expression of thankfulness. It serves as a visual reminder, allowing kids to reflect on the things that bring them joy and instill a sense of appreciation

5-10 Years

GRATITUDE LEARNING MADE EASY AND INTERESTING: Age-appropriate 3- monthly easel gratitude table board along with 500 stickers for children to practice ‘Gratitude’ in an engaging and interesting manner.

LEARNING OUTCOMES/SKILLS: Socio-emotional development of children along with the development of human values such as empathy, appreciation, acceptance, respect, and listening.

DESIGNED BY EARLY LEARNING EXPERTS: ‘Young children learn from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract’. Based on this principle of learning, the box is thoughtfully designed by early learning experts. Thus, parents can easily choose this for their children to start practicing gratitude easily.

1 Easel Gratitude Board, 400 illustrated stickers, 100 blank stickers, 12 reward stickers, and 2 colored pencils.

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