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  • Boards Combo



    5 Years & Up


    Gratitude Board
    Schedule Board

    Map of India Poster Chart

    Introducing our combo kit that sparks gratitude and motivation to do things in kids! Our vibrant gratitude board encourages children to express appreciation for the little things, while our fun-filled schedule board with stickers keeps them organized, motivated, and excited for their daily adventures.

    Gratitude Board for Kids with 500 Stickers inspires children to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and appreciate the positivity in their lives.

    This board is thoughtfully crafted to captivate young minds and encourage the expression of thankfulness. It serves as a visual reminder, allowing kids to reflect on the things that bring them joy and instill a sense of appreciation.

    ‘Schedule Board/Planner + Positive Affirmations’ table board with 40 stickers provides kids with invaluable opportunities for growth beyond academics. This fosters essential skills such as planning, scheduling, organizing, time management, and maintaining a positive mindset.

    This board offers a unique and engaging way for them to learn and practice these vital life skills while promoting happiness and well-being.

  • Calendar Combo



    4 Years & Up


    Map of India Calendar
    Daily Calendar

    Introducing our exciting combo kit featuring two calendars designed to captivate young learners! Explore the wonders of India with our colourful map calendar, while the interactive date, day, season, and weather calendar enhances their knowledge and keeps them engaged all year round.”

    ‘Map of India’ Kids Calendar is an educational tool designed to make learning about India exciting and easy for children. This beautifully designed 6-in-1 map features states and capitals, union territories, neighbouring countries, iconic monuments, languages, and classical/folk dances.

    Hang it on the wall for quick reference and watch as your child’s knowledge of India blossoms.

    This activity-based calendar includes 6 concepts-date,12 months of the year, 7 days of the week, year, season and weather along with the reward component.A good educational tool for kids as they learn by doing and visual stimulation.

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    Flash Cards Combo

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    3 Years & Up


    Alphabets and Numbers Flash Cards
    Vegetables and Fruits Flash Cards

    Unlock the world of knowledge and ignite young minds with our engaging flash cards, designed to spark imagination, boost memory, and foster a love for learning in kids.

    These are 48 Flash Cards designed to teach the concept of alphabet and numbers. These are educational & help kids learn alphabets & numbers in an engaging way. They are ideal for use at home or in the classroom.

    These are 48 Flash Cards designed to teach the concept of vegetables & fruits. These are designed with quality graphics and attractive colours that will grab the attention of your kid. These are ideal for use at home or in the classroom.